Body Image Breakthrough:

Shift from body shame to radical self acceptance

An intimate group program for folks looking to deprogram from diet culture and improve their body image so they have the confidence to create the lives and businesses of their dreams.

Are you ready to feel safe in your body, embrace your most authentic expression, relieve anxiety you have about food and your appearance, cultivate an intimate and compassionate relationship with your body and allow yourself to be fully seen and heard in the body you have right now!? If so, this is for you.

Now is the time to break up with diet culture!

Let’s talk about Diet Culture for a minute…

Diet culture is a system of oppression, rooted in racism, that puts thinness above all else. It’s a belief system that thinness= beautiful, healthy, and worthy. It’s programmed into our subconscious from the moment we enter the world. We are brainwashed to believe that no matter how thin we are, what we eat, how much we exercise, we are not enough. And that gaining weight is the worst thing that can ever happen to you aka fatphobia. We live in a thin-obsessed society that has a detrimental effect on our mental and physical health. 

 Weight stigma and anti-fatness keeps folks from getting the healthcare we ALL deserve. It keeps people from living full lives because they are so distracted trying to “lose the weight”.

 This program is more than just learning to love what you see in the mirror. It’s about loving WHO you see in the mirror. It’s about changing the collective narrative around bodies and dismantling a system that causes harm every single day.

 You’ll go from watering yourself down because of your fear of being seen to being your fully expressed self with the power of radical self-love as you inspire others to do the same.

Hi! I’m Erika and I’m so glad you’re here.

I’m an anti-diet advocate and radical self-love coach inspiring folks everywhere to live life on THEIR terms. I work with folks to deprogram from diet culture, improve body image, and live from a place of radical self-acceptance so they can share their gifts with the world and inspire others to do the same..

I believe we all have stories worthy of telling and that sharing our stories connects us on a deep human level. However, when we are constantly under this pressure to look, be and act a certain way, we stay quiet and we hide.  It’s hard to feel safe being seen fully and authentically expressed in a world that tells you you need to “fix” yourself. I lead the way with my vulnerability and I give my clients a safe space to do the same. 

As a former full-time hairstylist, I have been working with folks to cultivate confidence for almost 20 years. I’ve had thousands of conversations and heard thousands of stories that have touched me. I’m a disruptor, a change-maker, and a cycle breaker paving the way for folks everywhere to radically love themselves and live fully expressed. To step into their power and discover unshakable confidence that has nothing to do with the way they look. 

You have important things to say and the world needs your voice now more than ever.


What you'll get in our 6 months together...


6 months inside an intimate container with folks who are ready to shed body shame and reveal their most confident, embodied selves


Weekly group calls where we unpack the bullshit diet culture programming and build safety and trust in our bodies


Monthly embodiment workshops to create safety in our nervous system as we re-wire from self criticism to self compassion


Access to our private Facebook group full of sisterhood and support


A space where you feel safe to show up as your most real, authentic human self


Lifetime access to digital content


10 modules with potent and to the point videos


Journal prompts




10 Bonus pre-recorded classes with anti-diet dietitian Amy Rapone on Intuitive Eating, Joyful Movement, and Joyful Nourishment

What we’ll work on…

Grieving our former bodies

Building safety in our nervous systems

Cultivating confidence that isn’t dependent on how you look or how close you are to society's expectations of beauty

Cultivating an intimate relationship with your own body

Self compassion and self trust

Undieting (coming out of chronic restrictive behaviors and mindset)

Allowing yourself to show up vulnerably and be seen in your rawest form

Deprogramming from diet culture, fucked up beauty standards, fatphobia, and weight bias

The root cause of your body shame and how to move through it

The embodiment of program practices so you can continue your journey long after the program ends

Ready to embrace radical self-love?

Body Image Breakthrough starts on Monday, February 7th.

You can get in with a one-time investment of $4444

*Payment plan options available*

How is diet culture dimming your light?

One thing we don’t realize is how distracted and compliant diet culture keeps us.

It keeps us:


Hungry and constantly thinking about food


Using exercise as punishment


Living detached and unaligned with our bodies


Focused on parts of our bodies we hate instead of recognizing we are more than our appearance


From feeling safe to be vulnerable and authentically expressed 


From going all in our dreams for fear of judgment


Taking a thousand pictures to find ONE that we like


Passing these toxic beliefs onto our children

Diet and beauty companies make BILLIONS each year off of our insecurities, and even without results, WE JUST KEEP BUYING. Because they make YOU feel like a failure for it “not working”. These insecurities that get reaffirmed everyday by society, keep us from been seen and celebrated for exactly who we are in any given moment. You are worthy of being seen right now. You are worthy of being heard right now. Your story will change lives if you allow yourself to share it.  

It’s time for you to break the cycle and I’m here to help


You don’t have to keep wasting time and money on things that promise more confidence and a “new” you, that only deliver shame and self-loathing.

Full permission to INVEST in YOU. In your happiness and in your dreams. So you can live from a place of radical self love and be a part of taking down diet culture. 

So who is Body Image Breakthrough for?

Body Image Breakthrough is for folks ready to feel safe and at home in their bodies. Folks ready to take a deep dive into the depths of their body shame to free themselves from it.  Folks who are ready to finally figure out how to embrace and accept their body at any size.

This is for you if you’re tired of feeling at odds with your body. If you’re tired of turning towards restriction and hyper vigilance with your body. 

This is also for the person who is ready to get VISIBLE. Who wants to take their relationships next level and no longer care so much about what people think. Folks who want to feel safe, loved, and worthy in their most authentic expression. Folks who want to amplify their impact and show up for their audience and communities authentic, aligned, and human.

This is for you if you’re ready to break toxic cycles passed on from generation to generation about bodies and their worthiness. This is for you if you want to be a part of something bigger than you. This work shifts paradigms. This work ends cycles of abuse and oppression. This work will help heal the world.

If you’re ready to try self compassion on for size and cultivate the most intimate relationship with your body, join us. 

Have a few questions?

What is diet culture, and why is it bad?

Diet culture is the belief that THINNESS = HEALTH; it brainwashes people into thinking that if you are not thin, you aren’t healthy and don’t deserve to be happy. It keeps folks stuck on a hamster wheel, desperately trying to shrink their bodies at any cost in the pursuit of thinness.

What is the investment for this program?

I understand that sometimes it can be hard to invest in yourself; that’s why I’m offering 4 different payment plans to help make this dream a reality:

One-time investment: $4444

3-month payment plan: $1490/mo

6-month payment plan: $750/mo

12-month payment plan: $375/mo

Will I always have access to the program?

Yes, you will have lifetime access to all the program modules and digital content!

What my clients are saying…

Working with Erika is life-changing. It will open you up to the parts of yourself that society, or the world, have conditioned us to keep hidden, or are taboo or aren’t okay to express. They are all okay. The more connected and the more healed we are within ourselves, the more we are able to share that with the world. I started working with Erika thinking she would get me to a place of ‘happy, positive’ where I would then be magically motivated for the perfect body. What I got was even better. It was realizing that I love myself, even if I don’t love my body every day. We are a collective unit, and I’m thankful. I’ve received gratitude. My daily mindset has shifted. It’s a journey that ebbs and flows together, and it’s beautiful.


Erika has literally changed my life. She teaches you how to trust yourself – that’s the best way I can explain it. I was so caught up in diet culture, I had no idea how much it was wasting my creativity but Erika showed me how to open up and trust myself again. I’m so excited to be my most authentic self and to really look forward to life now.


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